is Macy’s Inc. associates’ personal information resource. You notice that Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, as a corporate entity, has two major types of employee resources online. The first type of employee resources online is that of those we may term as being public resources. Those are carried on the site There, we have pages bearing public information on employee benefits, the forms that Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s employees need to download and fill in, communication resources and so on. None of these contain private information pertaining to anybody, so they are all publicly available. The second type of employee resources online (for Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s) is that of private resources. Those are the ones accessible through and They touch on things like work schedules, benefits and paychecks.

The structure of the webpage at

Macys Insite is designed to be an ultra-simple webpage. At the very top of the page, on the left hand side, there is a text graphic, to inform you that you are at in-site. At the very top, on the right hand side, there is a login button, which you need to click on, so as to sign in to Just below that is a thin, reddish ribbon running all the way horizontally, and in it, you find links to the pages where you can get information on site requirements and login help respectively.

In the main body of the webpage of the Macys Insite, you find (on the left hand side), a vertical menu, with four items, namely: welcome, in the press, news at in-site and in-site disclosure. The other bigger portion of the main body is taken up by a graphic of an apparently serene lady, who is presumably a Macy’s Inc. employee. In this graphic is a text warmly welcoming you to the personal information resource.

About the links at

There are two major types of links at the Insite page, namely:

  • Links that direct to other pages: here, we are looking at the ‘site requirements’ link and the ‘sign in help’ link. The login button too leads to another page: namely, the actual login page.
  • Links that lead to small pop-ups: for instance, upon clicking on the ‘in the press’ link or the ‘news at in-site’ link, small pop-ups appear, without loading any new pages. The in-site disclosure pop-up is basically a terms and conditions pop-up, whereas the ‘in the press’ popup carries headlines and small write-ups.


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{ 0 comments } Website Requirements

by Remy on June 25, 2013 is one of the websites that Macy’s has created for the members of its workforce, whom it refers to as ‘associates.’ This is a special resource website, where the said members of workforce can login, and having done so, proceed to access personal information. That would be personal information on, among other things, paychecks and benefits. There are some requirements, in terms of computing resources, necessary for accessing this website, and we will be looking at some of those.

Operating system requirements

Pretty much any operating system should give access to It would seem that most of the people who access do so on computers running the following two major operating systems:

  • The Microsoft Windows Operating System (which is to be found on most PCs).
  • The Mac OS (which is to be found on Macintosh computers).

Browser requirements

It should be possible to access Macys Insite on all major browsers, namely: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Chrome. That said, it would seem that the specific versions of the respective browsers matter a great deal.

  • People accessing through computers running on the Windows operating system are, for instance, advised to ensure that they use the 7th version of Internet Explorer (that is, Internet Explorer 7) or higher. Because these things are always changing, it is best to simply ensure that you simply use the latest version of Internet Explorer, if you are on windows.
  • People accessing through computers running the Macintosh operating system (Mac OS – especially Mac OS X 10.2 upwards) are advised to ensure that they use the third version of Firefox – that is Firefox 3 or higher. Again, because these things are always in a state of flux, it is best to ensure that you have upgraded to the latest version of Firefox, if you are on a Mac computer.

Reader requirements

Some of the information to be accessed at the Macys associate insite page will be accessed in a format that requires Adobe Reader (if the information is to be read). As at the time of this reading, Macy’s was recommending the 7th version of Adobe Acrobat Reader – that is, Adobe Acrobat Reader 7. As this is likely to be constantly going up, it is best to ensure that you simply have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, in order to access the information at the insite page smoothly.

Browser settings requirements

The most important thing is to ensure that the following three things are enabled:

  • Stylesheets
  • JavaScript
  • Cookies

Screen resolution requirements

Macy’s seems to recommend a resolution of at least 800 by 600.